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I’m an avid reader, an​d the best books I’v​e read hold up a mirro​r to my face. That’s ho​w I know the concep​t and execution are o​n point.​

An authenticity reader analyzes your manuscript to ensure marginalized identities and communities are portrayed as fully, accurately, and respectfully as possible. Unlike beta readers, who review manuscripts from the standpoint of an average reader, authenticity readers provide a specialized service.

As an authenticity reader, I will read your manuscript in its entirety, making notes along the way. Following my review, I will provide a 1-3 page report detailing my notes and recommendations. This may include tiered levels of feedback, ranging from specific word choices to character arcs or major plot points that reinforce harmful stereotypes. Some issues are more easily addressed than others. The extent of recommended revisions will vary based on the content of each manuscript. Additionally, I will note any other issues outside my areas of expertise and may recommend that you engage another authenticity reader(s) for more detailed feedback.

You can find more about the role of authenticity readers and the scope of our work here, here, and here.


Master of Science in Social Work

Columbia University, 2005-2007

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

The Johns Hopkins University, 2000-2005

Relevant Coursework

Human Behavior & the Social Environment

Sociology of Human Development

Contemporary Social Issues

People Affected by Traumatic Events

Human Sexuality

Issues of Diversity

Formal Experience


Disability Arts..., 2022-present

Teaching Assistant

Roots. Wounds. Words., 2019

Informal Experience

Black American with roots in Southern US

Evolving gender & sexual identity

Navigating complex medical needs

Chronic self-advocacy within systems

Establishing body sovereignty

Recovery from spiritual colonization


  • Black American experiences
  • Queer culture/experiences (Non-binary, Pansexual, etc)
  • Mental illness (including experiences with psychosis and trauma)
  • Issues in mental healthcare (abuse, access, etc)
  • Autism + neurodivergence
  • Disability, health/illness and neurological differences
  • Grief, particularly disenfranchised grief
  • Fat characters, particularly mid-fat
  • Religious trauma
  • Rape & Sexual Assault
  • Homicide Survivorship


Science Fiction | Fantasy Dystopian | Thriller & Suspense

Horror | LGBTQIA+ | Young Adult


Each project will be given a personalized quote before any work starts. There are several factors that influence this quote including manuscript length and turnaround time. Rush turnaround (less than two weeks) is available for an additional fee. To start this conversation, please email me at


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